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Karen Goes To DisneyLand

karen1 ylveHello! My name is Karen, and I am a huge Disney freak. I mean all out Disney. My bedroom is decorated with the princess them. I have all the classic movies on DVD, BlueRay, AND VCR cassette. Yes, I am a Disney junkie. I had a favorite client of mine surprised me with a weekend trip to Disneyland last year. Boy, I was in heaven! Especially since he catered to my every whim.

We Set Out For Exploration

I wanted to hit all the lands while we were at Disneyland. I especially wanted to delve into anything doing with Cinderella or Snow White. Those two are my favorites! We were smart enough to plan out our theme park route in advance so we missed standing in any lines for a long time. The weather was beautiful and my client made sure that any ride I wanted to go on, I did. I really loved seeing Sleeping Beauty's castle in person! My favorite lands were Critter Land and Adventure Land. I know they aren't princesses, but I love animals just as much!

He Was Full Of Surprises

My client had dinner reservations all set for us. The best part is it was one of the princess meet-and-greet sessions! These things book up months in advance, so he must have been thinking about me way back when I had told him my love of Disney. That really made me tear up and I was so grateful. Afterward, we hit some of the markets where he had bought me a new princess jacket, some figurines, and a gorgeous pair of of course! I also had him get me a lanyard and a bunch of those pins you stick on them. All princesses! They go for quite a bit, so I'm very pleased with all the purchases he had made for me. We then watched a parade, complete with fireworks. But they weren't as good as the fireworks to come...

We Went To Our Hotel

We stayed in a Disney hotel, which made it easy to get back to the park the next day since you can just take a bus there. At the hotel, the giddiness of my trip took a hold of me and I was no longer going to act like a little girl. I wanted to show my client how much of a woman I really am. We went out to the jacuzzi, which was outdoors and near our room, and since it was a late hour, it was all ours. There were no little kids around so we decided, bottoms off! Yes, we explored each other right there, out in the open, only covered with bubbles. That was the highlight of my trip, actually. I will never be able to look at a hot tub again without thinking about this!