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Brianna Loves A Sex Toy Show

brianna2 ylveHey there guys! My name is Brianna and I have recently started my own side business where I sell quality sex toys to those who want to try something fun and different. The parties are usually held at someone's house, and we have tons of games and prizes to encourage participants to make a purchase. Well, I needed to know exactly how these toys work so that I can boost their appeal to those in attendance. I recently had an encounter with a client that allowed me to test them all out in a private setting! Read on to learn more about this exciting date. Perhaps we can make a date of our own if you are interested in this special get-together!

My Client Told Me His Desires

I am not sure if my client was told about my business before he contacted the escort service I worked for, or if he had a fetish thing going on about sex toys and I just happened to be someone in the know that could assist. Regardless, I was given the information from my service that my client would like me to demonstrate how sex toys are to be used. This would have been a quandary for some of my coworkers as they might not know all the specifics about usage with some of the gadgets there are out there these days!

I Got Ready For A Night Of Fun

I wasn't sure what to expect when I showed up at my client's hotel room. I brought along the suitcase of supplies I usually bring to my house parties. I was curious myself about how some of these things worked though! I hadn't had the time to try everything out, and I was getting pretty excited about finally being able to do so...with a spectator no less! I dressed up for the part and thought about what type of date was to come. I couldn't imagine!

This Was More Than I Expected

I was asked to sit down and take out each of the toys one by one and talk about how they worked and what they felt like when using them. This was so bizarre to me. This was a guy I had never met before, but he was so good-looking that I really wanted to get to know him better myself, so I was going to do the best job I possibly could! I had to strip down to nothing for some of the gadgets to work properly. That was no trouble at all..I did this with a striptease to get my client in the mood before my big reveal. I have to say, using the gadgets in itself was fun, but seeing and hearing the reaction from someone watching, made it so much better! We both got into the moment, one thing led to another, and the night was a total success for us both. I can't wait to do this again!