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We all go to Las Vegas for different reasons. It might be you like the casinos, the exceptional food, free drinks while gambling, exotic shows, super stars performing, hot nightlife and clubs, or maybe just the really active fun environment. The thing is, no matter what you love about Las Vegas, you can double or triple your fun when you make a call to Escorts in Las Vegas and get a beautiful young women on your arm. Or even ask for one for each arm! I tried bringing a girl with me to Las Vegas, but it just didn't work for me, she'd act angry or jealous when I looked at the beautiful women everywhere, or she wasn't into the things I wanted to do on my vacation. Talk about a disappointment, when I'd take her out on the town, we'd get back to the hotel and she'd just pass out exhausted. After a couple disappointing trips I just decided I wanted to get the most for my money so I called Las Vegas Escorts. That made all the difference in the world.

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First time the Escorts in Las Vegas sent a girl to my hotel room, I saw the difference immediately. She was all smiles and friendly, she asked me what I wanted to do! Then when I said I wanted to take her out on the town and show her off, she had all these great ideas of places where we could go. She liked to dance, she like to drink what I wanted to drink, she loved all kinds of food. They way she treated me was like I was the center of her world for the night. I couldn't help noticing that the guys were watching her, big smiles on their faces too. This woman was funny, intelligent and enjoyed people. I was so excited, I wasn't really thinking about the night ahead at my hotel room. Ok, when I would see her tight, sweet body move in that sexy way she handled herself, I might have had a wishful thought or two. Being used to my dates walking in the hotel room and slumping into a sleepy hump on the bed, I was in for a total surprise when this sexy blonde entered into my room. She took out a bag she had brought with her and started taking out massage oil, candles, a music iPod and speakers, and some very interesting outfits. It hit me all at once that this one wasn't even thinking about being too tired for some night-time entertainment. I heard the shower running from the bathroom and then the fragrance poured into my bedroom.

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